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HR Future
Publication date
30 Jun 21
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Internal coaching

4 Critical Culture Levers in Times of Change

Now more than ever before, it is critical that we actually do what we say we do.

Organisation’s can no longer hide behind the pretense of a good story, of great organisational culture, with just a well-worded core values poster placed strategically on their reception wall.

It is 2021 and we are (still) living through a pandemic.  COVID has catalyzed immense change.

Our world has instantaneously gone digital – this means many of us are working remotely, or in hybrid and varied work set ups.

Global changes have forced thousands of people into new ways of working. For many, jobs have been lost, or are currently at stake.

Career longevity and relevance are top of mind. Some find themselves in new roles, new industries, and new business circumstances.

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