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05 May 23
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How to Effectively Coach in a Language Different From Your Mother Tongue

Despite the havoc wrought by COVID-19 on the global landscape, people continue to move to new countries for a variety of purposesAccording to the International Organization for Migration, in 2019, there were 272 million international migrants out of a global population of 7.7 billion, which means that one in every 30 people is a migrant. (To compare – In 1995 – 174 million) 

I believe that it’s important to be aware of this trend and expand our horizons by diving into this realm of opportunities. Learning new languages and getting to know other cultures broadens our worldview and enhances the quality of our ways as humans and coaches.  

For many immigrants, it’s a new normal to speak several languages in different contexts. However, it’s quite different when it comes to professional communication.  

Here are five tips on how to coach effectively in a foreign language. 

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