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HR Katha
Publication date
19 Jul 21
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Leadership coaching

How to recruit, manage & retain talent with a sense of purpose

Imagine a workplace where you could express your talents and feel deeply connected with the organization’s purpose…

How would it feel? For sure, you might agree that you would sign up for it!

The covid-crisis period can be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and leaders to transform their organisation’s mindset.

In this perspective, Coaching might be the swiftest way to go smoothly through this paradigm shift, combining through performance, fulfilment and meaning.

In this article, Bertrand Beauregard offers insights to CEOs and HR managers to use to benefits of coaching to transform the organisation into a more efficient, fulfilling and meaningful place.

The article highlights the importance of teams driven by shared core values and soft skills.

The managers will discover practical and genuine levers to attract and develop talents within the company.

Are you ready to explore the new HR paradigm?

So, get into the rocket and fasten your seat belt 🚀

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