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14 Sep 21
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Improve your leadership through coaching

One of the most important responsibility of HR is to hire a right leader that will affect the people and the organisation.

Nowadays uncertainty became our new norm in our personal and professional life, where we need to question every thing and unfortunately we can’t find the right answers all the time.

Two types of influence affect us as human beings:

Environmental and Genetics so being aware of their impact plays a major role in our actions and reactions towards our community.

One of the important environmental influences is work where we spend more than 40% of our time dealing with our managers, subordinates, direct reports and sometimes external clients that have totally different priorities, values and personalities.

Let’s discuss what you can do as a leader to:

1. Maximise your team potential to achieve the results.
2. Have a positive impact on your team to enhance working environment.
3. Keep the balance between who you are as a person and as a leader to improve your self-satisfaction.

With all the differences we face in the work environment we need a unified, clear and effective tool that supports us to feel valued as a human not only as an employee, coaching is representing that tool.

Coaching is a way of communication where you as a leader ask and do not tell.

There are impacts on two sides, first on you as a leader second is on your team.

As a leader:

  • Listen more.
  • Understand more.
  • Judge less.
  • Communicate better.


As a team:

  • More engaged.
  • More valued.
  • More responsible.
  • Less conflict.

Which will definitely makes you more efficient and a better achiever as a team with a great leader.

Some Facts To Know As A Leader:

  1. people will work to their full potential if they work on a purpose level, where they can sense their value behind the work and can see them selves as a partner.
  2. Asking for a feedback is a key success factor.
  3. Your level of self-awareness,flexibility and your communication styles will always be your open gate to achieve more.


Regular Leadership Model

  1. Put Goals.
  2. Give Guidance.
  3. Give Feedback.
  4. Access The Process.


Coaching Leadership Model

Great-shared objective: every one has his/her input.
Ask for options: full engagement.
Ask for feedback: people are valued.
Evaluate the synergy: The harmony between the team members is always in consideration.

As you notice in a coaching leadership model, it is a team effort where the leaders leave room for innovation, mistakes with no blame and ability to accept feedback and in this model, the work environment will be people oriented not only result oriented.

Being a leader is a very great opportunity to have a positive influence on people’s improvement and also it is a chance where you can uncover your strengths and improve some challenges & areas in your personality.

Being a leader doesn’t mean that you have all right answers, sometimes, it may be simply to ask the right questions.

It is very easy to agree on what you want to achieve as an end result, however it is very challenging to notice that there are many different ways to achieve it, coaching will give you the space to listen and to see all these differences that will support you to naturally lead.


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