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HR Katha (India)
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08 Jun 21
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Millennials are serious about their social responsibility

Nothing is ‘usual‘ about 2021, so it is not surprising that many leaders have started examining their own approaches to managing people, leadership, and measuring success – their own and that of their teams and entire enterprises.

What is also changing is the make-up of the workforce. Millennials – the new ‘power group’ are well educated, skilled in technology, self-confident, and full of energy. They have high expectations of themselves, and many prefer to work in teams, rather than as individuals. Millennials seek challenges, yet work – life balance is of great importance to them.

Millennials are changing how work gets done, as they work more in teams and use more technology. Their social mindset, however, is also a significant factor. One of the characteristics of millennials is that they are prepared and willing to do well by doing good. Almost 70 percent say that giving back and being civically engaged are amongst their priorities.

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