Publication name
HR Future
Publication date
08 Oct 20
Coaching Type
ICF core competencies & coaching skills

Navigating Uncertainty – Professional Coaches as Lighthouses

We are living and leading in times where almost nothing is predictable, where all assumptions, even those arrived at through plenty of research, data and careful contemplation, are not making much sense anymore.

More importantly, best practice, the tried and tested are not offering organisations and communities a sense of safety in stormy weather, nor offering direction of when to set sail.

ICF professional coaches offer organisations and their people something way beyond batten down the hatches and weather out the storms.

They offer opportunities to partner in ways that encourage and support the optimisation of the creativity, innovation and the forward-looking decision-making and action-taking which is available at the edge of chaos.

And they do so with full awareness of the need for generating a sense of safety, for compassionate acknowledgement of the fear and anxiety experienced, and for pacing that takes into account crisis and change fatigue.

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