Publication name
HR Katha (India)
Publication date
30 Mar 21
Coaching Type
Leadership coaching

Why organisations need human-centred leaders

Businesses are run by human-beings.
Human-beings make business run smoothly, they create value for the company and its stakeholders and make or break a business.

It’s odd then, that although so many companies talk about their people being their greatest asset, their actions don’t always ring true.

It’s time we embraced more human-centred leadership to bring out the best in people.

I realise that leaders have a dearth of time – well actually, that’s not true, it’s really a dearth of a attention.

If only leaders would realise that investing time in conversations with their people would lead to the results that they currently focus most of their attention, on we’d all be better off. It’s not one or the other – human-centred leadership creates results, by engaging people in ways that motivate them.

Now, in the midst of global turmoil, this seems more pertinent than ever.

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