21 Jun 22
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1 hour 30 min
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Coaching with a Transactional Analysis (TA) Lens

We have our esteemed Speaker Sophie Tay with us at the upcoming June Monthly Members Event, who will be sharing with us on “Coaching With A Transactional Analysis Lens”.

By joining the session, you will:

Be able to Demonstrate Ethical Practice using the concept of Contracting and provide clarity on the roles, responsibilities, and professional standards expected of a certified coach.
Be able to cultivate and deepen the Embodiment of a Coaching Mindset with the understanding of TA philosophical assumptions and be the safe container for clients’ change through a full partnership with the clients.
Recognize the Life Positions of clients and partner him/her to choose what he/she wants to accomplish from the coaching session and co-create the process of change using iceberg theory.
Practice Listening Actively using Ego States Model and recognizing where clients are stuck and inviting clients to choose the direction for change.

Maximum participants: 100
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Best coaching practice
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