09 Jun 22
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EMEA Online Open Space: Coaching! Coaching! Coaching!

What is the Open Space for?

The ICF European Online Open Space offers a forum where you can exchange ideas with other international coaches from the EMEA community about your current concerns/topics and questions via Zoom.

The general language will be English – but if you would like, we can also open breakout rooms in different languages.

You determine the topics and the conversations. We offer the platform and the framework for you.  Non-ICF members are also cordially invited, so share with your network.

How does it work?

The ICF Online Open Space is a mini-conference that follows the insight: the best things at a conference happen in the coffee-break.

So let’s have a 2 hour productive and inspiring coffee break in which you can meet and exchange with other international coaches. The whole conference is led by a spirit of appreciation of each other and of the flow of creativity.

After a short introduction, we will ask for your topics that you would like to discuss with the other coaches. According to the number of topics, we set up breakout rooms. You can choose the topic that interests you most and have 45 minutes for the discussion in the breakout-room. When you realize that you are not in the right room for you, you can also change the room and discuss another topic.

Here are the Open Space Laws and Principles as designed by Harrison Owen, the inventor of Open Space.

Open Space Laws and Principles

The Law of Two Feet means you take responsibility for what you care about — standing up for that and using your own two feet to move to whatever place you can best contribute and/or learn.

Four principles apply to how you navigate in open space:

  • Whoever comes are the right people

Whoever is attracted to the same conversation are the people who can contribute most to that conversation—because they care.

  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could’ve happened

This principle acknowledges we’ll all do our best to focus on NOW — the present time and place — and not be concerned about what could’ve or should’ve happened.

  • Whenever it starts is the right time

The creative spirit has its own time, and our task is to make our best contribution and enter the flow of creativity when it starts.

  • When it’s over, it’s over

Creativity has its own rhythm.  So do groups.  Just a reminder to pay attention to the flow of creativity — not the clock.  When you think it is over, ask: Is it over?  And if it is, go on to the next thing you have passion for.  If it’s not, make plans for continuing the conversation. If you would like to carry on the conversation after our Open Space time, exchange emails and make a date!

Event schedule or other information/comments

1. Welcome, introduction of Open Space technology and collection of topics (30 minutes)
2. Open space in breakout rooms – with your topics, questions, ideas that you want to share and discuss (45 minutes)
3. Plenary session and conclusion (30 minutes)
4. Wrap-up (15 minutes)

Participation is free of charge.
This ICF EMEA Open Space is initiated and led by the ICF Europe 250+ Forum, which comprises of the following chapters : ICF Germany, ICF France, ICF United Kingdom, ICF Belgium, ICF Netherlands, ICF Ireland, ICF Italy, ICF Spain and ICF Switzerland.
Maximum participants: 500
Type of coaching:
Remaining: 479
Number of events : 58
Number of languages : 3