06 Aug 24
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Team coaching/effectiveness
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Exploring Values: A Live Demonstration in the Group Coaching Arena Dynamics

Activating your influence and community impact through the coaching many conversation. Learning goals for the 90-minute demonstration:

1. Understanding and Applying Values in Coaching: Participants will learn how to identify their own values and those of their clients, explore techniques for integrating values into coaching conversations, and understand the impact of values on key coaching focus areas (Goal-setting, accountability, awareness and action)

2. Group Coaching Dynamics: Participants will explore the unique dynamics of group coaching, including facilitating discussions around shared values, managing diverse perspectives, and leveraging group synergy to support individual and collective growth.

3. Integration of ICF Core Competencies: Participants will examine how the demonstration aligns with key International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies, such as active listening, powerful questioning, and creating awareness, and learn how to apply these competencies effectiv

Maximum participants: 500
Type of coaching:
Group Coaching
Remaining: 491
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