29 Jul 21
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Coaching science
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Future of Coaching with David Clutterbuck

Coaching has evolved constantly over the past 50 years, but where is it going? In this wide-ranging overview, Prof David Clutterbuck, one of the original pioneers of coaching and mentoring, will explore the challenges facing coaching in a fast-changing world. Among these:

🎯The rise of Artificial Intelligence — are we all going to be replaced by robots?
🎯The need to decolonise and democratise coaching to make it representative of and available to all
🎯The importance of evidence-based coaching to replace coaching myths
🎯What is the role of coaching in achieving social change, especially in the areas of wise leadership, climate change and eliminating poverty?
🎯The shift of emphasis from coaching individuals to coaching teams and teams of teams
🎯How mature coaches integrate mentoring into their practice

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