04 Nov 21
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1 hour 30 min
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Coaching science
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Integrative Coaching Presence

Integrative presence: A needs exchange through somatic responsiveness in dialogue.

Presence is defined as the capacity to spontaneously respond to others’ needs at any given moment. This capacity shows in your body before you even utter a word. The body comes before the brain.

We all tend to have a default setting about money, love, work, and presence, which limits our potential to have healthy relationships. While we think we are present, we may have too much or not enough of it. The result is our presence-less-ness as we miss seeing what is relevant in our interactions at any given moment.

In this workshop, we will explore two obstacles to presence in coaching as a growth intervention. We will reflect on:
– the consequences of our presence-less-ness in our default setting
– our presence-ness integrating the I, Other, and We in coaching

The workshop is based on a recently conducted large-scale international coaching research that investigated 184 coach-client pairs.

Maximum participants: 150
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