24 Aug 21
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1 hour 45 min
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Coaching science
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MCC Live: The Journey to MCC Coaching – Developing the Required Posture

What are your thoughts regarding MCC accreditation? What benefits would be adopting a MCC posture bring to you and your clients? How might you adapt your current approach to develop this posture?

Many coaches see the MCC accreditation as the Holy Grail to achieve on their coaching journey. They know they must have at least 2,500 hours of coaching, 200 hours of core competency continued education credits (CCEU’s),10 hours of mentor coaching, and 2 recordings. But is that all there is to it? What does it really take to achieve the MCC level of coaching?
During this session, we will exchange around commonly held beliefs as to what it takes to achieve the MCC level of accreditation and what it can mean for you to grow into the required posture.
In this interactive session, we will exchange around deeper methods of contracting, full presence, demonstrations of trust and what it means to be truly actively listening.
Then we will look at where you believe you are now…

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Best coaching practice
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