07 Feb 22
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Middle East Prism award – What it is and how it works

An event held by Dr. Clare Beckett McInroy, Founder of BECKETT MCINROY CONSULTANCY & #CoachME Coaching Model, resources & award-winning training, including #TAP360 team level profiling tool, which have been translated into over 25 languages.

Clare was the Nominating Coach and internal Executive Coach for the ICF Middle East Prism Award Winners Qatar Financial Centre 2020. She will provide further insights into the ICF Prism Award and explain how to participate, how to prepare and what is needed to be successful. Session objectives are to know what the ICF Prism Award is globally and in the Middle East, understand what criteria are generally used to assess the application, consider an award winning model and its benefits and learn to develop a plan for creating a coaching culture and submitting an application.

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