18 Jan 22
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1 hour 30 min
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Executive coaching
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“Nail your Voice” The Key to Building and Growing your Coaching Business”

Whether you are looking to build, grow or scale your business, the fact is most of the coaches who make a living doing this work, do so with Coaching for Organizations. Despite this, most of the marketing advice we hear not only does not work for landing business with organizations, but it is also the exact opposite of what does! The single question you must be able to answer to land this business is not “why coaching?” but “Why You as the coach we should entrust with our talent?” This workshop will enable you to determine your most powerful approach to stand out and stand in your expertise to successfully enroll both individual – personal coaching – and organizational needs!

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Gain Insights into:
• How to grow your business with Coaching for Organizations
• Discover the strategies that really work to land the business
• Complete 3 Step Process to determine your personal best strategy
• Learn Why Need, not Niche, is the key
• Create your ‘NOW’ version of “Why You For Who With What™”
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Executive coaching
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