02 Nov 21
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The Neuroscience of Habits – how habits form and how coaching can break habits’

The Neuroscience of Habits
How habits form and how coaching can break habits

Nearly 85% of all daily decisions and choices are based on our habits. Our habits are also
some of our biggest blind spots – some serve us well and some don’t. The habit of checking
whether you have your house keys in your pocket when you leave the house, is a good
habit. But the same habit of checking your phone every time it pings, may probably be a bad
habit! And there are habits that become addictive and are detrimental to our personal and
professional growth.

How do we pick up our habits in the first place? Even when we are aware that such habits
can be detrimental, why are they so difficult to break? Come and explore a bit of exciting
neuroscience on how we form our habits and how coaching methods can break unhelpful
habits to build new ones.

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