26 Nov 21
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Organisational leadership development
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The New Leadership Mindset to Coach Beyond Boundaries

“Organizations worldwide spend roughly $356 billion on leadership development efforts. 75% of the organizations rated their leadership development programs as not very effective.

As coaches, the current situation we are globally facing up to must be seen as an opportunity to go further in terms of leadership, understanding how coaching can create the greatest impact on leaders who has to lead this uncertainty moments and also on our coaching businesses.

Most leadership development efforts overlook a specific attribute that is foundational to how leaders think, learn, and behave: their mindsets.

Mindsets are leaders’ mental lenses that dictate what information they take in and use to make sense of and navigate the situations they encounter.

Mindsets drive what leaders do and why.

If mindsets are so important, how to coach a leader mindset now? how to be ready as a coach to excell that?

Using an expanded coaching vision stretching the limits of what is known will allow us to go

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