04 Oct 21
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Whoes Brain Is It Anyhow?

Many of us (including people who teach this stuff) experience our clients being stuck. We see negative patterns in the automatic flight/fight/freeze response and need to recognize that the reptilian brain interferes w/ taking action. While it may be easy to coach clients to get them to a deep “AHA” moment, supporting them to actualize that awareness is another story.
My approach to success is based on research by Pavlov, Goleman & Goodhart, who demonstrated that having all parts of the brain aligned is the key to improving one’s performance. Success is not only a function of the conscious mind. It includes biochemical processes that are deeply embedded in our consciousness. The most powerful component in attaining and maintaining success and change is being congruent or aligned with your goals. Without goal congruence, success is merely a function of luck.
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Neuroscience 101: A basic understanding the brain and its functions

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