02 Mar 23
- 23 Mar 23
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Becoming A Coach

If you have an interest in coaching or in any of our coach training programs, enrolling in Coach U’s Becoming a Coach (BAC) Information Webinar Series is the perfect place to start! This information rich webinar is insightful and will also give you an experience of virtual learning and training.

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-Learn concepts that you can immediately integrate into your current style of communication
-Explore best practices in professional coaching and be aware of common coaching limiting beliefs
-Gain clarity into professional coaching associations and credentials
-Explore coaching with credentialed professional coaches possessing extensive coaching experience
-Challenge your current beliefs around coaching and coach training
-Determine obstacles to your next level of success as we explore Personal Foundation concepts (who you need to be, as a coach)
-Learn what actions and strategies successful coaches use to attract and retain clients
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