16 May 23
- 31 Oct 23
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4,600 Pounds Sterling

Certified Leadership Coach

Suitable for people wishing to develop their leadership coaching skills, Certified Leadership Coach is part one of the full Professional Leadership Coach programme. Delivered virtually, over six months, this programme explores the Forton Leadership Coaching model, in engaging and interactive ways. Blending self-paced and virtual classroom materials, expect to practice your coaching skills under the supportive eyes of experts in coaching training. Certified Leadership Coach provides everything you need to meet the ICF’s ‘Associate Certified Coach’ standard and is suitable for seasoned coaches looking to transition to the complex and demanding world of leadership coaches. You’ll come away fully equipped and confident to coach leaders and managers, whether as an in-house coach or independent professional. All materials, including Student Guide, Workbooks, Coaching Notepad, plus coach-mentoring and access to the Forton Coaching online learning centre are included.

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Price excludes local taxes (where relevant) and includes all materials, Tutor and Mentor costs. Stage payments are available; please contact our Course Coordinator at info@thefortongroup.com.
On registration you'll receive access to your online learning centre, class joining details and all materials, plus an invitation to our welcome and orientation call on the 2nd May at 5pm. Here you'll meet the Tutors and fellow students and start your interactive learning journey.
There are 3 modules all starting at 2pm UK time and running for 3.5 hours with a 30 minute break.
1) 'Ignite Leadership Coaching' starts 16th May
2) 'Developing Leadership Coaching' 13th June
3) 'Advanced Leadership Coaching' 29th August
For a detailed Schedule, contact info@thefortongroup.com
Number of Coach Specific Education Hours:
ICF accreditation type : ACTP
HOURS by type:   
CC : 69    RD : 12
Number of events : 66
Number of languages : 6