20 Jul 22
- 24 Aug 22
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Coaching Leaders for Today’s Challenges: Moral Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Diversity

How we talk about leadership, learn to lead, are chosen to lead, and the environment in which we lead are all constantly changing.
No year has demonstrated that more clearly than 2020. And even when that evolution is necessary, it may leave us feeling flummoxed.

In this course, leaders, aspiring leaders, and those who coach leaders will explore concepts of leadership that promote positive, equitable, sustainable cultures even as the climate around an organization may be shifting. Using an approach to leadership rooted in emotional intelligence and equity, participants will collaborate to develop leadership strategies that utilize applicable coaching competencies.

Participants collaborate in mini-workshops to discuss:
• evolving leadership models
• emotional intelligence in leadership
• diversity and inclusion
• coaching strategies for effective leadership
• how coaching promotes and sustains positive culture

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