10 Aug 23
- 28 Dec 23
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Level 2: Growth Cohort

Program includes the Certified Coach Specialist, Coaching Experience class, and Mentor Coaching programs. This cohort is intended for those who have already completed 60 hours of coach training.

This cohort is designed to provide the required additional training and mentor coaching hours that prepares you for the PCC credential.

Certified Coach Specialist
Choose your focus: Certified Business, Career, Executive, Life, or Wellness Coach Specialist. Designed to deepen your skills for PCC credentialing.

One-on-One Coaching Session

Certified Experience Class
The Coaching Experience class focuses on application of the ICF’s Core Competencies as a coach in group and individual coaching sessions.

One-on-One Coaching Session: Schedule your one-on-one coaching session individually to review your progress with your coaching experience and strategize your efforts.

Mentor Coaching
Designed to create a laser-focus on your demonstration of coaching competencies.

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Program schedule located at https://www.coachcert.com/training/credentialing-cohorts/icf-credentialing-cohort-schedules.html
Number of Coach Specific Education Hours:
ICF accreditation type : Level 2
HOURS by type:   
CC : 65    RD : 0
Number of events : 67
Number of languages : 3