30 Jan 23
- 31 Mar 23
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$2450 USD USD

Life Transformation Coach

This is a comprehensive ICF Accredited Coach training encompassing all the 8 core competencies. This course teaches you how you can study the thinking process of your coaching clients and identify their thought patterns that are keeping them where they ares and how you can facilitate them in discovering new realizations and shifts to achieve their desired results.

The content of this training is collected & compiled from various source streams like the Practitioner level of NLP, mainstream psychology, pragmatics, psycholinguistics and many more. This collective body of knowledge presented in this training is very powerful and insightful when used by a skilled and experienced Practitioner.

– Become a Certified Life Coach with ICF Credentials
– Explore the field of coaching with a comprehensive, in-depth training
– Obtain your ICF Credentials
– Upgrade your ICF Credentials

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This is currently an ACSTH accredited course. Transition application towards Level 1 is being submitted. All cohorts enrolling for this batch will be considered towards Level 1 accredited course.

If you wish to communicate over email, send email to info@anildagia.com

If you would like a 30 minute free consultation to enquire about this course, book your time slot at this website page - https://www.anildagia.com/book30min
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ICF accreditation type : ACSTH
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CC : 75    RD :
Number of events : 110
Number of languages : 2