25 Jul 22
- 29 Aug 22
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Navigating Trauma​: Mindful Skills to Enhance Safety & Regulation

Traumatic events happen and affect our bodies, hearts and minds. Each of us metabolizes these experiences differently. As a mindful coach, how can you work safely and effectively with the obstacles trauma often presents? This class provides a road map for the physical, emotional and mental terrain that accompanies trauma. I will present information on the physiology of trauma, Polyvagal Theory, window of tolerance, safety, co-regulation, boundaries, titration and pendulation. Trauma informed mindfulness tools and practices will be woven throughout class. Holding space and containment in the presence of trauma will also be discussed, with the emphasis on understanding and building your own self-regulation capacity.

As human beings, we cannot escape trauma…no matter our privilege, social roles or status, gender, country, economic level, or education. Trauma and the dysregulation that can occur with it, will show up in your…

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