16 May 22
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1 hour
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Coaching for social impact

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Climate Anxiety meets Appreciative Inquiry

This informal gathering is non-political, non-judgmental, non-scary, and non-pushy! Most of us are not scientists, environmentalists, or activists and that’s ok. This webinar is to show how the Appreciative Inquiry approach can help those who feel overwhelmed, stuck, helpless or guilty at the thought of the climate crisis, don’t know where to start or don’t believe they can make a difference. Acknowledging fear and grief is our starting point. Once we accept our discomfort, we can learn tools to manage it. Once we understand the science of what motivates us, we can gain clarity on what we truly care about and what we do best. And once we meet others with similar interests and values, we can move forward with accountability, support and have fun along the way. Using appreciative language, images and questions gives us permission to take a deep breath. There lies the source of positive change, within ourselves, for those around us, and for our planet.

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Remaining: 52
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