11 May 23
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1 hour
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Diversity & Inclusion

Coach for Race + Gender Equity

I operate with the Cherokee concept of Gadugi – work collectively towards a shared purpose.
As coaches, we can be more intentional and impactful in disrupting racial and gender inequities in our practice and our coaching communities.
We can help clients balance thriving in existing inequitable systems, even when personal/org values aren’t quite aligned, with disrupting and changing inequitable systems.
We can help clients create lasting systemic change, especially changes which disrupt white supremacy (racism) and patriarchy (sexism).
As coaches, we can become more aware of how macro and micro aggressions that reinforce inequitable systems impact our clients, and how to help clients mitigate that.
We can reduce our own unintentional harm to “othered” (marginalized, oppressed, minority) clients by understanding and replacing common harmful words and acts that uphold white supremacy and patriarchy (word examples: tribe, crazy, bossy, hysterical, emotional, spirit animal, totem).

Maximum participants: 75
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Best coaching practice
Remaining: 47
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