16 May 22
- 22 May 22
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Probono coaching
Personal growth

Experience the Power of Brain-Based Coaching (Zažijte koučink na vlastní kůži)

Use this opportunity to have a confidential and safe conversation with a professional coach for a deeper insight into your own world. You can explore any questions you may have about your professional or personal lives. This is a unique chance to examine, with professional guidance, your situation from a different, more objective perspective, and move towards realistic and achievable solutions. The topic of discussion is yours to choose.

What Topics You can be Coached on?

Getting off to a great start in a new job.
Freeing up time to take on a new project.
Managing stress.
Sorting through specific challenges; a place to think out loud.
Identifying and overcoming barriers to accomplishment.
Career exploration.
Improving health and well-being.
Rediscovering passion and joy in work and life.
Creating a powerful team.
Balancing work and family.
Increasing self-confidence.

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Coaching session can be carried out in English or Czech language.

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Maximum participants: 3
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Leadership coaching
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