20 May 22
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1 hour 30 min
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Professional development

Gaining Coaching Clients Without Having to Find Them

For many coaches, coaching is purpose and passion work. Business development usually is not. Networking, business plans, pitching, selling, and social media can be very challenging. It can be a real struggle for many coaches, particularly BIPOC coaches to develop a sustainable client portfolio.

With the growth of the coaching industry now valued at $2.8B (2019, ICF Study), there is money to be made for coaches. The question arises, “Is there a way to coach and do what I love without always having to be great at business development?”

The answer is, “yes.” This workshop will share best practices for developing a healthy clientele by cultivating multiple streams of clients. Participants will learn how to leverage coaching communities, coaching vendors, and coaching peers to keep “the main thing” the main thing: coaching people.

Maximum participants: 100
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Business coaching
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