17 May 21
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Life coaching
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Improv for Coaches – expand range as a coach with applicable improv methods

In our coaching sessions we very often “dance in the moment” and we have to create from whatever our clients throw at us so we can bring out their magnificence. In improv our scene partner (and sometimes the audience too) throws suggestions at us so we together can create a story without a script, while we also aim to make our partner look brilliant.

In this session, we want to introduce and explore some of the basic rules and games of improv that we believe are also applicable to coaching. Certainly Improv has something to do with fun (for sure!), but overall it’s about connection and being in the moment here with your partner. So in particular, we think that the presented methods help very well to build a fruitful coaching relationship and to practice active listening as well as get in touch with (and trust) your intuition as coach.

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