15 May 22
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1 hour
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Health & wellness coaching

Insight/Mindfulness Meditation as a Key Supplement to Wellness Coaching

Coaching helps our clients discover and manage the things in their lives that are within their control. But what about the things out of their control? Our clients need coping mechanisms to help them better relate to their reality. Meditation fills that gap. Meditation cultivates enhanced cognitive abilities that help our clients better manage strong emotional reactions, make decisions more quickly and effectively, and develop a tolerance for chronic physical pain.

This workshop will begin with an explanation of the techniques used in this meditation style (Mahasi Sayadaw). I will also include a cultural background of the style. Then, I will discuss how the cognitive tools developed in this style of meditation directly translate to our daily lives. I will lead the group through a 10 minute guided meditation, and end the workshop with time for questions.

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If you are interested in joining my meditation community, we meet on Saturdays at 10am Eastern Time. Send me an email at Rebecca.Schmitt203@gmail.com for more information :)
Maximum participants: 40
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Health & wellness coaching
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