16 May 22
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1 hour 15 min
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Personal growth

Listening Circle

Join Clare Norman to experience a Listening Circle, a form of group coaching. In this space, we share what is going on for us right now as a way of re-resourcing ourselves so that we can better resource those we work with.

This will be an unhurried and uninterrupted space and time. It’s like taking a drink of water when we didn’t really know we were thirsty.

Now isn’t the time to pretend we don’t feel. Instead we need to turn towards feelings and open up spaces where we can talk about what we’re experiencing, what sense we make of it and what it’s bringing up for us. Our emotions have been up, down, round and round over the past two years. We will explore questions such as:

• What are you thinking about / what’s on your mind right now?
• How are you feeling about that?
• What do you want or need?
• What might you be inclined to do about it, if anything?

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