15 May 24
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Organisational leadership development
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No Silver Bullet: bursting the bubble of the organisational quick fix


Leaders face challenges, often seeking quick, foolproof solutions to complex issues. In this talk, Steve will debunk the myth of quick fixes, revealing the unconscious shame and anxiety driving this market. He will delve into the reasons behind the appeal of quick fixes, including inadequate business education and the glorification of fast solutions. A call to action for a more considered and holistic approach over simplistic either/or thinking.

The talk will cover:

1-Exposes the psychological underpinnings behind the demand for quick fixes.
2-Critiques the current state of business education and thought leadership.
3-Encourages a shift from binary thinking to a more integrated and thoughtful approach.

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Evento realizado em inglês com tradução simultânea para o português (Brasil).
🇺🇸 Event held in English with simultaneous translation into Portuguese (Brazil).
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Leadership coaching
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