17 May 21
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1 hour 15 min
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Coaching science

Ongoing Learning and Development as a Coach

The updated Core Coaching Competencies Model of the International Coaching Federation includes a new and profoundly important competency – Embodies a Coaching Mindset. It focuses the attention and responsibility of the coach not only at mastering the skills and toolkits of coaching but also at developing genuine self awareness, and openness, and curiousity to learn about oneself first. It sets the journey of personal growth and development among the highest and utmost important standards of professionalism that guarantees sustainable impact and success of the entire coaching process for each coaching client.
Here’s what to look forward to:
1. Gain understanding why immersing and fully engaging in personal self-development is one of the most important assets of a coach;
2. Attain best practices shared by successful coaches on how to mentally and emotionally prepare for sessions to be able to maintain presence no matter what

Maximum participants: 500
Type of coaching:
Life coaching
Remaining: 424
Number of events : 5
Number of languages : 2