16 May 23
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Probono coaching
Executive coaching

Pro Bono Coaching

I invite you to an individual coaching session to resolve your request.

Coaching is an integral part of the development of society, organizations, and people. This is the methodology that allows leaders to achieve their goals as quickly as possible and as best as possible and get the desired result. At the same time, take care of their resilience and ability to cope with challenges.

How to prepare for a coaching session?
– Register
– Get a link to your mail and add it to your calendar
– Consider the request you want to work with in coaching
– and come at the specified time using the Zoom link.

During the session we will get to know each other, and talk about coaching and what benefits you can get from it. Then we will work on your request to find the answers you are looking for and make the decisions that will help you move forward.

The duration of the session is 60 minutes.
The language of the session is English.

See you at the session!

Maximum participants: 1
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Executive coaching
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