15 May 24
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Health & wellness coaching

Resilient Coach – daily rituals and practices to sustain your passion for coaching.

For most of us, coaching feels like a calling, or at least a passion job. We engage with our clients with our entire being. And for this very reason, coaching is also demanding. Being present means having focused attention towards the client while being in a state of fully open awareness. To do this consistently, day after day, client after client is challenging especially when our own personal life throws curveballs on our way.
In this interactive session, we will hold a safe space to open up about the obstacles we face – whether it’s battling burnout, managing personal crises, or simply feeling overwhelmed by the demands of coaching and our clients.
Together, as a community of practitioners, we’ll explore our rituals and daily habits that can help us develop resilience and be in our authenticity. Our objective is to explore practical ways to keep our passion and love for coaching alive for many years to come.
Join us for a moment of connection and meaningful exploration!

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This webinar is highly interactive and you will be expected to fully speak and share your experience and knowledge. Ensure that you will be in a place where you can fully participate to this session.
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Health & wellness coaching
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