20 May 24
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“Synergy of Nature and Mind: Ecological Systemic Coaching Supervision through the Lens of Psychosynthesis”

During this webinar we’ll delve into Ecological Systemic Coaching Supervision, enriched by the principles of Psychosynthesis. This webinar will guide you through reflections on how the intricate relationship between the natural world and individuals’ inner landscapes can be utilized within coaching supervision. Grounded in the evidence-based approaches of Psychosynthesis and the Systemic perspective, we will uncover how this symbiotic relationship presents profound opportunities for personal growth, self-realization, and flourishing.
Using the metaphor of a garden nurtured by the principles of Psychosynthesis, we’ll explore Ecological Systemic Coaching SuperVision. Just as the growth of a thriving natural element in a garden is influenced by the interplay between nature and inner landscapes, nurturing this connection can foster personal growth and self-realization, like the vibrant blossoms in a well-tended garden.

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Coaching supervision
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