19 May 22
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Executive coaching

The Enneagram, a powerful tool and approach in coaching and leadership growth

The Enneagram is a personality type and much more than this.
The Enneagram system includes 9 personality types, 3 instinctual biaises for each type and 9 levels of development for each type.
The system explains the deep/unconscious motivation behind the behaviours. Why do we act as we do?
Understanding the deep motivations reveals the patterns that keep you stuck.
The system does not put people into boxes. The system is valid everywhere.

Our personality influences the way we coach.
The session will bring real coaching cases to explore the topic.

Come and join us for an interactive discussion to:
– explore from a leader-coach and client’s perspective the 3 centres of intelligence
– get an overview of the 9 types and discuss how they impact the coaching,
– and get a flavour of the 3 sub-types, and how they relate to the types.

You will start a (self)-reflection. You’ll also get insights on your coachee, coaching…

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