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Psychosynthesis Life Coaching, Self-Leadership

Coaching The Essence Through the Power of Love

This book is a practical manual born out of a desire to share with those interested how I became a Psychosynthesis Life Coach, putting together the various pieces of my life.

A life that, from its beginnings, has been marked by an aptitude for transpersonal coaching: an essential orientation for living every day spiritually and bringing into action the higher potentials that are begging to come to light and be acted upon, especially when facing the most difficult challenges.

The examples and tools you will find in this writing are the result of years of study and passionate work that I still do in the helping professions with a transpersonal approach centered on the realization of our Essence, our luminous, spiritual center- what Psychosynthesis, a science of the spirit founded at the beginning of the 20th century and forerunner of Positive Psychology terms the “Self”.

The major focus of this book is on Psychosynthesis applied to coaching.

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