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Feedback and executive coaching. Conducting 360's.

Feedback Reimagined: Transform Your Organization Through Positive Psychology and Social Support

You’ve probably experienced the discomfort of receiving or giving feedback. It’s no surprise that research confirms traditional feedback models are broken, often causing more harm than good. If you’re a leader, coach, or leadership development professional feeling stuck on how to best retain and develop talent, Feedback Reimagined will show you the way. Inside these pages, executive coaches Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich invite you to reimagine a new way of experiencing feedback that creates more empowered and engaged workforces.

Grounded in the science of positive psychology and social support, the Shift Positive® Method will teach you how to:

  • Discern what makes your current approach to feedback ineffective and why
  • Engage in transparent feedback that is psychologically safe
  • Use the science of positive psychology and social support for better results
  • Build a culture of two-way accountability and allyship
  • Create a shift in mindset that positively impacts engagement
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