Silvia Richter-Kaupp
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Regulating Emotions

Free your Mind: Your Frustration Relief Workbook

‘Free your Mind’ is a self-coaching tool I developed to help myself – and now you – get rid of stressful thoughts and feelings and regain your inner balance.

If your thoughts keep circling around one topic and you have trouble switching off or focusing on something else, it will support you in clearing your mind again.

This book is NOT a book to read, but a frustration relief journal. Or in other words a workbook to write in with a proven self-coaching process.

This process helps you to perceive feelings such as frustration, anger and disappointment and to recognize which thoughts triggered them and which needs they want to point out to you.
This will help you to stop negative thoughts and ruminations, to let go of anger and to reduce frustration and stress instead of sinking more and more into the whirlpool of your bad mood.

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