Silvia Richter-Kaupp
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Lightening Mood

Improve your Mood: Your Mood Improvement Workbook

‘Improve your Mood’ is a self-coaching tool I developed to help me – and now you – increase your everyday satisfaction and develop a positive outlook on life.

According to research, ~40% of our happiness depends on how we think about ourselves and others, and how we behave.
If you often find yourself revolving your thoughts around what you lack and feeling unhappy even though you’re not doing sooo bad, it will help you regain a more contented frame of mind.

This book is not a book to read, but a workbook to write in. It will help you to free yourself from the hedonistic trap – the peculiarity of our brain to quickly get used to everything that is regularly there and to unconsciously fixate on what is missing and thus become more and more dissatisfied.
You train your gratitude muscles and can enjoy your life more again.

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