Silvia Richter-Kaupp
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Changing Thought Patterns

Release your Blocks: Your Mindset Workbook

‘Release your Blocks’ is a self-coaching tool I developed to help myself – and now you – break through obstructive thought and behavior patterns.

If you find yourself having the same disruptive thoughts and feelings over and over again in certain situations (e.g., feeling inhibited when you have to present something in front of other people) and/or engaging in the same stupid behavior (e.g., stuffing ‘tons’ of potato chips down your throat late at night), it will help you change that.

This book is NOT a book to read, but a mindset journal. Or in other words a workbook to write in with a very often tested self-coaching process.
This helps you to free yourself from ‘automatic’ thoughts, feelings and actions that sabotage you in achieving your desires and goals. In other words, this workbook will help you free yourself from the ‘crap’ that you use to make your life difficult.

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