03 Nov 22
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1 hour
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Internal coaching
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תרבות ארגונית – בריאות ארגונית

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, every day of the week”, said the late Peter Drucker. Culture is one of the best ways to monitor the “hidden factor” of the organizational health status. Aside from products and financial situation, culture may significantly impact sustainability and growth potential. Yet, it is seldom appropriately addressed. The webinar will focus on the culture = health equation.

What are the subjects we will talk about?
Language; the link between paradigms and behaviors; Saboteurs vs. Sage perspective

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What are the skills we might be working on?
Powerful listening; Tentative language; I message vs. You message; Humble inquiry; Push vs. Pull language

What could our participants learn and take away?
Practical tools for everyday life, work, and coaching
Maximum participants: 100
Type of coaching:
Coaching in organisations
Remaining: 90
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CC : 0.5    RD : 0.5

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