08 Sep 23
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3 Brains Coaching approach

Join our webinar about our 3 Brains Coaching approach. We believe every person is unique and has hidden potential waiting to be discovered.

As coaches, we see individuals seeking happiness, health, and success. The key to these goals is how they react to different situations in life.

Sometimes, people can’t change their behaviour. This is not because they can’t think logically. Often, their feelings or intuition stop them. This is due to a conflict between their three brains: the Head, Heart, and Gut. Even when they want to reach their goals or learn new things, this internal conflict can stop them.

Scientific research shows that we have 3 Brains – one in our Head, one in our Heart, and one in our Gut. They all want to help us. But they each have different roles and ways to help based on their nature, past experiences, and lessons learned. Sometimes, these different strategies conflict with each other.

Our 3 Brains Coaching method helps resolve this conflict.

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