10 Apr 24
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April Professional Development: Enhancing Coaching Presence and Active Listening with Mindfulness.

“Mindfulness is consciously attending to the present moment, with wisdom and clarity, and initiating actions in alignment with our values”. Mindfulness is a great skill to improve presence and create mental and emotional balance. The coach who practices mindfulness is more present and actively listening to the client with equanimity and an open heart. Coach will act with objectivity as a nonjudgmental witness, exercising compassion and empathy, and keeping focused attention on the progress of the client and the expression of their emotions.
Learning Objectives or outcomes of the session (list 3-4):
Participants will:
1. Enhance their coaching presence by practicing the relaxation response and training their attention and focus.
2. Listen actively with an open heart to improve mental and emotional balance.
3. Manage their emotions with equanimity, become more aware of the importance of creating a space and detaching from emotions.
4. Practice responding proactively inst

Maximum participants: 500
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