14 May 24
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Breaking the Culture of Silence with Psychological Safety – For Our Coachees & Teams

In today’s teams and organizations, a troubling culture of silence often prevails. The fear of speaking out, driven by concerns about potential negative consequences, is a genuine and widespread issue. This culture of silence can stifle creativity, hinder innovation, and prevent valuable insights from emerging.

At our event, we delve into the urgent need for psychological safety—a concept that is the antidote to this stifling silence. You’ll gain a deep understanding of what psychological safety is and why it’s crucial in today’s workplace. But we go beyond awareness. We empower you with actionable insights and strategies. We will provide agile techniques and practices to break the silence within your teams and organizations. You’ll learn how to create spaces where people feel safe to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns without fear of backlash or reprisal.

By attending this event, you’ll not only transform your own coachees’ and workplace experience but also become an active

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