23 Mar 23
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“Coaching in Education – Because Every Lesson Counts”

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. Constant change has become part of today’s fast-paced world. It is interesting to note that even learning is really just a change. It is about changing attitudes, beliefs, behaviour and routines. Does not that sound like coaching already?

Where therefore are the intersections between coaching and education?

Both processes are built around encouraging growth, enhancing skill development, and improving performance. What they have in common is understanding the current situation, setting goals, and achieving the desired results.

While education traditionally focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills, coaching places an emphasis on individuals, their traits, motivation, goals, thinking and doing. Also, coaching systematically fosters (self)reflection and increases (self)awareness, which noticeably improves learning efficiency and knowledge retention. That is what we all aim for, don’t we?

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In the workshop, we will discuss coaching’s potential in education from both the teacher’s and the student’s points of view. We will learn some scenarios and practice them.
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