21 Mar 24
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Team coaching/effectiveness
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Coaching Supervision and Team Coaching Supervision

Embark on a transformative journey in our 90-minute webinar! Dive into the essentials of Coaching Supervision, unravel the mysteries of Team Coaching Supervision, and get a sneak peek into the revolutionary HexaHelix Model. Elevate your coaching game, foster team coaching skills, and be part of a learning experience that promises insights and innovation.

Learning outcomes:

1. Coaching Supervision Overview: Participants will grasp the fundamentals of coaching supervision, understanding its role in professional development and its individual benefits.
2. Introduction to Team Coaching Supervision: Attendees will be introduced to Team Coaching Supervision, exploring its distinctive features and potential impact on team dynamics.
3. HexaHelix Model Introduction: Participants will gain familiarity with the HexaHelix Team Coaching Supervision model, getting an initial understanding of its components and application in coaching practices.

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This event is part of "The Power of Connection: Post conference webinar series"
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Team coaching
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