15 May 24
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AI’s Role in the Future of Coaching: Navigating New Horizons

We embark on a journey into the potential of artificial intelligence in coaching across various well-being, performance, leadership, and personal development domains. How AI can revolutionize the way coaching is delivered, offering scalable, inexpensive, personalized solutions that bridge the gap in mental health and well-being services. Insights from coaching and positive psychology will show AI’s capacity to augment both the client and coach experiences. Importantly, we’ll review studies employing AI methodologies in coaching, showcasing empirical evidence of its benefits and challenges. This exploration will uncover the synergies between human expertise and artificial intelligence, highlighting practical applications, ethical considerations, and the future trajectory of AI in coaching. This session invites you to discover new possibilities for enhancing human potential in the digital age, balancing excitement with a grounded understanding of AI’s capabilities and limitations.

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