05 Jun 24
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1 hour 15 min
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Life coaching
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Dream team – Exploring dreams through questions – session 2

the webinar content:
2 people will share a dream or part of it which they want to explore through the help of participants. Participants ask questions and share observations for deeper awareness about the dream. They will use some competencies to help exploring.

The subjects we will talk about:
Main subject – Evoke awareness through our dreams and what they mean to us or what signs they can show us. Also, how to use support from other people’s wisdom and inquiry.

What could our participants learn and take away:
Participant will learn how by asking powerful question and respecting and considering one’s context and identity a person can deepen understanding and meaning of what a dream (Un conscious) can raise and can learn more about own self. The ‘dreamer’ can also choose and create a new ending for the dream (A chosen vision)

Maximum participants: 50
Type of coaching:
Life coaching
Remaining: 43
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CC : 0    RD : 1.25
Number of events : 100
Number of languages : 8